Antigua enjoys a 12 month summer with temperatures typically in the mid 80's.The prevailing NE Trade Winds make the fans and air conditioning unnecessary for most of the year - August and September are the A/C months.
Whereas more northern latitude homes are built with a southerly aspect the opposite is desirable in the Caribbean - face north away from the relentless sun with the trades blowing from east to west lengthwise through the house. St. Anne's Point is built on this axis with the added advantage of a vast, open expanse of Falmouth Harbour below us.


You will not be bored at St. Anne's Point because we are within a maximum 10 minute walk of all that the local community of Falmouth and English Harbour has to offer:

Antigua Yacht Club & Marina - yacht charter, dinghy sailing and windsurfing, fishing charter and a spa in the Marina Resort.

Hire a yacht for anything from match racing in Falmouth Harbour to a sunset cruise with a glass of bubbly.

Temo Sports complex for tennis, squash and yoga.

Three dive shops and a dive school which can come to you and teach you or provide a refresher course in the privacy of our pool before venturing into the ocean.

Restaurants and bars - over 30 at the last count ranging from local rustic (lobster and Mahi Mahi) to European rustic - roast suckling pig & a jug of Italian rosso. The French and Italian restaurants of which there are many, uphold their respective standards of lightly cooked meat and home made pasta and pizza. Live music is featured in many of the bars and restaurants with reggae, rock and steel bands starting after dinner. Whilst the more sedate string and jazz bands provide early evening entertainment.

Several coffee shops sell cakes and ice cream. We are fortunate enough to have a coffee bean importer who roasts the beans for your taste - our favourite is called Joy in the Morning!

Many roadside food stalls sell spicy jerk pork, crisp fried chicken, local snapper and saltfish breakfast.

Wandering round Nelson's Dockyard is a delight - the Georgian buildings forming a backdrop to the sailboats moored to the stone quay. Our favourite walk is from St.Anne's Point over the hill to Fort Kuyler, along the cliffs to One Gun Battery and down to Fort Berkely at the entrance to English Harbour - an easy but spectacular two mile round trip which ends in a swim at Pigeon Beach and a beer or delicious Piña Colada at Bumpkins beach bar.

Another good walk is around the Cedar Valley International Golf Course which is 30 minutes drive away and is a 70 par course of 6,142 yards.

When walking, swimming and driving palls try riding at the local stables in Falmouth or flying through the rain forest canopy on a zip line.
More sedentary but extremely exciting is taking a helicopter trip to the volcanic island of Montserrat 25 miles away. The trick is to get the pilot to fly to the top of the volcano and make a "ski run" down the talus slope to the newly formed delta and across the sea at a low level. Scarier and more scenic than a roller coaster.

Antigua offers many varieties of boat trips around all or part of the island – from Eli Fuller’s Extreme Circumnavigation, to the Eco Tour, or paddle your way around the mangroves of Seaton’s with Paddles kayaking tours.

However, if it is privacy that you crave Helen, our concierge, will arrange for a chef and sommelier to cater for your culinary and vinous tastes, a masseuse to relax you and or that yacht trip to empty your mind of land locked cares.
For posterity, our gifted local portrait painter will paint you in oils while you take advantage of all that sitting quietly and reading books by combining it with several sittings.


  • Antigua Charter Boat Show - middle of December
  • Christmas-New Year - Barbecue Turkey & Dockyard Festivities
  • RORC Caribbean 600 mid February - the Caribbean’s first and only long offshore yacht race
  • Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta - mid April
  • Antigua Sailing Week - end of April
  • Sports Fishing Competition - end of May
  • Antigua Carnival - early August
  • Mango Festival - mid August
  • Plus, of course, various cricket events throughout the year.

Helen will make sure that you are aware of the social whirl that surrounds these events but we can tell you that it is quite an obstacle course.


Antigua Tourist Board website